Sometimes the best thing to do for concussion is rest

Pediatrician Thu "Stephanie" Nguyen DocTalk about concussions and resting

"If you think your child is showing signs of concussion, it's really important that they get evaluated by a medical professional," says Dr. Thu "Stephanie" M. Nguyen, Pediatrician at ARC Center Street. Dr. Nguyen discusses some of the common causes and treatments of concussion in children in this recent episode of ARC DocTalk on KVUE-TV.

"A concussion is a head injury that you can get from a fall, a car or bicycle accident, or sometimes in sports," explains Dr. Nguyen. "Luckily it's usually temporary, but it can lead to some effects."

Signs of concussion

"Signs of concussion can be loss of concentration, some dizziness, or they'll start telling you they feel a little nauseous," says Dr. Nguyen. "The big thing you'll notice is difficulty paying attention in classes or in their schoolwork; they'll have a harder time concentrating, balance issue when they're walking, or some tinnitus (ringing of the ears)."

Dr. Nguyen discusses treatment, saying, "I know it can be challenging, but sometimes the best thing to do is to have your child do nothing and rest for at least a day or two." She also emphasizes the importance of regular checkups with your physician, saying, "It's important that we can tell the difference before and after this injury and have a good starting point on how to best get you through this concussion injury."

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