Say goodbye to rosacea & redness with Candela Vbeam®!

Before and after using Candela Vbeam® treatment for rosacea

If you've ever struggled with rosacea or redness, you're not alone. Rosacea affects millions of people and can be life disrupting. Candela Vbeam® is a proven, effective treatment with minimal downtown to relieve patients of the symptoms of rosacea, reduce visible veins and redness, soothe inflamed, and deliver a clearer complexion. For the month of April, get $50 off Candela Vbeam® treatments!

But that's not all this laser does. It also reduces:

  • Acne scars
  • Vascular birthmarks
  • Enlarged facial veins
  • Hemangiomas
  • Stretch marks
  • and more!

What it feels like

Most people report minimal discomfort. The pulses of laser energy may feel like a light snap of a rubber band against the skin.


Many patients notice improvement after a single treatment, but 2-4 sessions are typically recommended for optimal results. These results can last up to 24 months- Dr. Rasmussen and his team will recommend a maintenance schedule that is right for you.

Rosacea/Facial Redness Candela Vbeam Before and After

To redeem, call 512-292-5182 and schedule a $25 consultation. Let us know you want to use the April email special for Vbeam®.

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