Respecting values and lifestyles is paramount to patient care

Cardiologist James N. Black at ARC Northwest Hills Specialty in Austin

Austin Regional Clinic is happy to announce that James N. Black, MD, FACC, Cardiology, has joined the team at ARC Northwest Hills Specialty.

Of his decision to specialize in Cardiology, Dr. Black says, "It is a field that allows me to build long-term clinical relationships with my patients and their families." "I chose interventional cardiology because it is academically and scientifically interesting and challenging. A healthy heart is paramount to the optimal function of every system of the body at every age," Dr. Black continues. "Clinical cardiology has always been at the cutting-edge of technologies that make tangible differences in the quality of patients' lives across the entire lifespan."

Holistic, patient-centered approach to care

Of his approach to practicing medicine, Dr. Black says, "A holistic, patient-centered approach to care is integral in earning the confidence of patients and their families – many of which are often in crisis and uncertain about their current and future health status. I deeply appreciate the intrinsic trust embedded in the decision to choose me as their physician." He continues, "I respect how their cultural identities, family dynamics, and social environments affect one's individual values and lifestyles. These factors are essential in a collaborative approach to making fully informed decisions regarding treatment options."

What does Dr. Black say is key to a healthy lifestyle?

"The time I have spent caring for some of my most physically and mentally healthy patients has taught me that intentional engagement in at least 30-40 minutes of low to moderate cardio-respiratory physical exercise performed four times per week or more is key," says Dr. Black.

A fourth generation Texan, Dr. Black has traveled extensively across the state. He says, "As a youth, my summers were spent in Austin visiting my grandparents and large extended family. Those summer visits are some of my fondest childhood memories and ultimately planted the seeds of my intention to return to Austin to establish my career and raise my own family." Now an Austinite, he enjoys playing tennis and being outdoors, especially with family, fishing, hunting, and hiking along the South Texas Coast and beyond. He says "it is a real joy to share the many wonders of nature with my grandchildren." Dr. Black's favorite Central Texas spot is Commons Ford Ranch Park, "a local hidden gem."

For appointments with Dr. Black, call 512-344-0450.

Welcome to ARC, Dr. Black!

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