Renewing the ARC Logo with Comfort and Clarity

Renewing the ARC Logo with Comfort and Clarity

We've upgraded our look with a new logo.

The new ARC logo not only describes who we are (Austin Regional Clinic), it also represents what we do for our patients—helping to make great health care Accessible, Reliable and Convenient.

Because that's what you deserve in your medical home.

And that's why we continue to invest in innovative ways to improve upon these medical home comforts. We've done this by…

  • Opening new clinics in areas close to where patients live
  • Making it possible for patients to schedule appointments at any time, on any day either online or by calling their clinic
  • Adding specialties such as Ob/Gyn, Cardiology, Orthopedics and more, so that patients can get all the care they need under one home
  • Empowering patients to manage their medical information wherever they are with MyChart, an online patient portal that can be used to message their care team, view lab results, change contact information, and make appointments
  • Teaming up with leading health care groups across the nation to create new best practices that improve the overall health of our patients such as what we've done to reduce the burden of high blood pressure

So, while our look may be different, what hasn't changed is our commitment to you.

We're still the home you go to when your child is feeling ill, or to discuss with your physician how to manage your blood pressure, or to visit for your routine check up.

The only difference is that now we have a logo that says that, too.

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