Phone Access Tips for Patients

You've developed a rash overnight and aren't sure whether to call the doctor. Your newborn has a high fever and needs to be seen immediately. It's time for your annual physical examination. Oops, you've run out of your medication and need a refill right away. You had blood draw a few days ago and were wondering what the lab results are.

Each situation above means a phone call to ARC, but when's the best time to call? See below:

8:00am to Noon: Urgent care or if you need to be seen the same day you are calling

Noon to 5:00pm: Non-urgent issues like annual physical, non-urgent appointment, test results, rechecks, or special procedrures.

Prescriptions: Please call the Pharmacy directly for any medication refill, whether it is authorized by your doctor or not. The Pharmacist will call the doctor's office for you and obtain permission to refill your prescription. Plan to call the Pharmacy at least 24 hours in advance of when you would like to pick up the prescription.

24-Hour Urgent Need: Whenever you have an urgent need -- call 346-6611 24-hours a day. The number is staffed at all times, including after 5:00pm on weekdays, all day on weekends and holidays.

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