Patients should feel heard and cared for

Dermatology Physician Assistant Kathryn C. Siems, PA-C at ARC Center Street and ARC Southwest in Austin

We are happy to announce that Kathryn C. Siems, MS, PA-C has joined the Dermatology team at ARC Center Street and ARC Southwest.

"I initially went into medicine because I found studying it fascinating and I love working with people," says Kate. "However, I have stayed in medicine because I consider it a huge honor to walk alongside people as they navigate their various health challenges."

Kate says, "I place a great deal of importance on making sure patients feel heard and cared for as well ensure they are offered excellent medical care." She adds, "Each patient should leave an appointment with me feeling both valued and heard, as well as being clear on their diagnosis and treatment plan."

The tanner the better … not!

"Like many people when I was young the philosophy was – the tanner the better," says Kate. "I wish I knew then what I know now! Wear your sunscreen! Your skin will thank you!"

Kate shares this unique piece of personal history, saying, "I had the opportunity to spend two years of my career as a PA working in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. This was a life changing experience and brought the unexpected and added benefit of meeting my husband while there."

In her free time, Kate shares, "I love hiking and camping (really anything outdoors) with my family and friends. I love spending time with my son and creating new memories that hopefully last a lifetime. I love to travel and explore new places and cultures."

Make an appointment

Kate will begin seeing patients at both ARC Center Street and ARC Southwest in early January; you can make an appointment now by calling the clinics.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Kate.

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