Patient education is fundamental to understanding

Heather C. Lenz, PA-C, Dermatology

We are pleased to welcome Heather C. Lenz, PA-C, Dermatology, to the team at ARC Center Street in Kyle. ARC Dermatologists diagnose and treat a broad array of conditions that affect your skin, hair, and nails. They see patients of all ages and perform the most up-to-date medical, surgical, and cosmetic treatments available. Whether you are looking for help for a skin condition, hair loss, or brittle nails, ARC Dermatologists can give you the help you need.

"I knew I always wanted to work within the healthcare field and had actually considered becoming an optometrist or a pharmacist first," says Heather. "I soon realized I thrived on patient contact and constantly learning so I chose to become a PA. I love dermatology as it combines minor procedures and chronic care." She continues, "I also believe it will affect each and every person in their lifetime."

Making sure each patient feels comfortable and welcome

"Patient education is a huge factor in each of my visits." Says Heather. "I want the patient to feel welcome and comfortable within a vulnerable space, and leave their visit understanding the majority of what I just said."

When asked what tip she likes to share, Heather said, "All patients regardless of gender should use a moisturizer after washing their face and apply sunscreen in the morning. I promise you won't regret it later in life!"

In her free time, Heather says, "I love to socialize with my friends, play board games, listen to Freakonomics podcasts, try new foods (or eat at the same delicious spots), learn more about wine, take care of my house plants, and dote on my 2 dogs (one has 3 legs). I also have made it a goal to paint all cards I send out for birthdays and such."

Make an appointment today

Heather is now accepting new patients. To make an appointment, call ARC Center Street at 737-404-0347.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Heather.

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