Know the why behind the care

Pediatrician Jeanette M. LaFreniere

ARC is happy to announce that Jeanette M. LaFreniere, MD, Pediatrics, has joined the team at ARC Southwest.

Of her decision to become a physician, Dr. LaFreniere says, "In 4th grade I took a summer school science class and from then on, I wanted to be a doctor. I worked with and volunteered in kid-focused activities, so I chose pediatrics, and it was the best choice!" She adds, "Every day I love working with my patients and their grown-ups and teaching them about their bodies and health."

"The best care for a child is evidence-based and team-based with the patient, grown-up, and pediatrician - families should know the "why" behind the care we provide, and teaching builds trust in that team," says Dr. LaFreniere. "Building relationships is one of the best parts of pediatrics. I hope my patients see me as someone trust so when they grow into teenagers they have an additional adult they can turn to during the rocky moments."

Messy is good

For her best health advice, Dr. LaFreniere says, "Make mealtime fun! For little ones, let them get messy and keep offering foods even if you don't think he or she will eat it. For bigger kids, let them be part of the cooking and serving process (it doesn't get any less messy as they get older, but mess is good!) – that will encourage healthy choices and set them up to be healthy adults."

In her free time, Dr. LaFreniere enjoys being outside. She says, "My sister and I are on a mission to hike/visit every state park in Texas."

Make an appointment today

Dr. LaFreniere is currently accepting new patients at ARC Southwest. Make an appointment online or by calling 512-282-8967.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. LaFreniere!

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