It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Derm Hero!

Derm Hero - Doctor Rasmussen

Steven E. Rasmussen, MD, FAAD has been given many superlatives over the years; Top Doc, Super Doc, Chief; but now he has a new sobriquet—Derm Hero!

How to become a superhero

You might be wondering how Dr. Rasmussen went from being a top-notch ARC Dermatologist to a bona fide superhero.

It began with a collaboration with Level Ex, a company that creates video games for doctors that capture the challenges of practicing medicine in a game format. One of these games is called Top Derm, and it's a knowledge-based game for dermatologists. Level Ex then added a game pack called Derm Hero series.

Level Ex says, "When creating this series, we started by asking dermatologists what they're passionate about and what knowledge or expertise they'd like to share with the community. From there, we worked together to turn those passions and specialties into gameplay."

When approached to create his own Derm Hero pack, Dr. Rasmussen chose pediatric dermatology, thus the creation of Derm Hero: The Dr. Rasmussen Pack!

Derm Hero: The Dr. Rasmussen Pack

When asked why he chose pediatric dermatology as the focus for this pack, Dr. Rasmussen said, "I think children are amazing. Their innocence and joyous outlook on life is a daily reaffirmation for the happiness that we should all strive for each day."

Dr. Rasmussen's pack focuses on common to rare pediatric skin conditions. He curated his topics and questions to best benefit his peers, saying, "I hope that players come away with an appreciation for the subtleties in some common disorders as well as the ability to identify some of the more concerning conditions that may be encountered in children."

"This has been a very fun experience for me," says Dr. Rasmussen. "Working with Level Ex to make my Derm Hero pack was easy and rewarding knowing that I got to share my passion for learning. I have to admit that one aspect that I did look forward to during the process was getting to see myself drawn up as a superhero. I think we all have a little part inside of us that would love to be a superhero."

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