How ARC increased colon cancer screenings

ARC Doctor going over colon cancer screening with patient

Engaging patients in their health and improving health outcomes is a continuous goal of ARC Population Health. By better understanding how patients prefer to receive guidance – instead of just using a traditional, one-size-fits-all approach – we can recognize and align with what resonates with patients and, ultimately, motivate them to make decisions that could ultimately lead to living longer with a better quality of life.

ARC worked with MDH Consulting to develop values-based communications to encourage patients to get their colon cancer screening, a too-often-avoided preventive health screening.

With guidance from MDH, we targeted patient communications on colon cancer screenings with personalized messages that aligned with what patients wanted to know. And the results were encouraging! The patients who received the letters or emails with customized messages consistently responded at a higher rate than the control group. Overall, ARC increased email response rates from 27% to 39% and test completion rates increased 2% to 5%.

In a recent Leadership Blog, "Using values-based communications to improve patient response," Winonah Hoffman, RN, BSN, Clinical Transformation for Population Health & Clinical Quality Nursing Director and Dalton Douglas, Clinical Informatics Operations Manager, explain more about the research and results behind values-based communications. See how ARC increased colon cancer screening rates.

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