Get some relief for your sore feet

Get some relief for your sore feet

Recently, Vikas A. Godhania, DPM, FACFAS, Podiatry, at ARC Far West Medical Tower shared best tips for relieving foot pain that were featured in a HuffPost article.

Ditch your unsupportive shoes

If you love ballet flats or flip-flops, you're probably not doing your feet any favors. Dr. Godhania said these types of shoes don't have enough of a heel and don't offer nearly enough arch support.

"These can be hard on your feet and can add stress to the ligaments that support the arch," he told HuffPost, noting that this can make conditions such as plantar fasciitis ― the most common cause of foot pain ― much worse. Swap out your unsupportive shoes for those with better arch support and a slightly higher heel to combat this and opt for stiffer shoes over ones that bend easily.

Watch your width

Dr. Godhania pointed out that bunions can worsen with poor shoe choices, saying, "Wearing tight, narrow shoes can often make bunions painful and contribute to them getting worse."

Consider whether your slightly-too-tight shoes might come in size "wide" to give your feet more breathing room.

Work up to your work out

The experts advise that you make sure to stretch and strengthen all the areas associated with foot pain, including your calves. "Achilles' tendinitis is an overuse injury of the tendon that connects your calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone," Dr. Godhania said. "It is a common issue among runners who increase their workout too quickly or who add hills to their running routine."

Other tips included in the article:

  • Don't walk barefoot when you have foot pain (at all, period).
  • Consider custom orthotics, or at least supportive inserts.
  • Repurpose tennis balls and water bottles for at-home relief.

Consult a doctor instead of waiting it out

Multiple experts advised that you shouldn't wait to get help if you have foot pain, as there are many available treatments. Early intervention can help you prevent worse problems later on.

"Don't let foot pain hold you back from being active," Dr. Godhania added. "Speak to a doctor about how you can get relief. Most foot pain can be resolved without an invasive procedure."

Make an appointment today

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