Healthy decisions for long-lasting outcomes

Pediatrician Lan Anh Van-Dinh

ARC is pleased to announce that Lan Anh Van-Dinh, MD, Pediatrics will join the team at ARC Liberty Hill beginning September 23.

Dr. Van-Dinh says she always wanted to be a pediatrician. In fact, this Austin native says she was a patient at ARC through her childhood! "Pediatrics allows me to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with my patients and their families," says Dr. Van-Dinh. "Watching children grow up and meet milestones is one of the most rewarding experiences in my specialty."

"My role as a pediatrician is to guide and empower my patients in making healthy decisions that will positively impact their long-term health outcomes as they transition into adulthood," says Dr. Van-Dinh. She adds, "I believe in taking an evidence-based, team approach in supporting your child from all aspects of wellness including physical, mental, and social well-being."

Providing a safe space for all patients

Dr. Van-Dinh says she has interests in child abuse medicine as well as providing care for LGBTQ+ youth. "I want my patients to be comfortable with who they are and to provide a safe space for them to discuss their health concerns," she says.

When asked for a health tip for her patients and their families, Dr. Van-Dinh says, "Vaccines are safe and effective. It is important to make sure your child receives his/her routine immunizations on schedule to protect against preventable diseases."

In her free time, Dr. Van-Dinh is a video gamer and full-time geek. She adds, "I am a huge foodie; I love to cook, and I am always searching for the newest eateries in Austin. To relax, I play piano and exercise at the gym. I enjoy traveling the world and learning new languages."

Make an appointment with Dr. Van-Dinh

Dr. Van-Dinh is currently scheduling new and established patients at ARC Liberty Hill for appointments beginning September 23. Appointments can be scheduled make an appointment online or by calling the clinic, 512-778-7003.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Van-Dinh.

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