Continuing Education Program Unlike Any Other

Austin Regional Clinic has developed a continuing education program for its Family Medicine and Internal Medicine physicians and providers. What sets this program apart from the national education programs is the curriculum. While national education programs tend to provide medical information on topics that are either uncommon or the newest technology, Austin Regional Clinic's education program focuses on the common disorders and medical conditions that are present in our medical practices. We use local experts from our own medical group or from our community.

For example, some of the programs that have been presented include how to manage low back pain, common disorders of the feet and shoulder (i.e. plantar fasciitis and shoulder bursitis), gastrointestinal disorders including ulcers and liver function abnormalities, and common dermatology conditions including acne and medication usage. These are the types of medical conditions that are likely to affect our patients.

Robert Griffin, MD, Internal Medicine physician, is largely responsible for putting together this in-house continuing education program.

"Last year the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners added an education component to the requirement for a medical license – 24 hours of continuing education per year. After we held the first education program, I was excited to hear that so many of my partners found this program very informative and beneficial." said Dr. Griffin.

Each program is certified by the American Academy of Family Practice and the American Medical Association and can be applied toward the 24 hour/year requirement.

Upcoming education programs will include common cardiology conditions, managing chronic pain, and medication utilization issues.

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