Building and partnering alongside patients

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse for General Sugery, Angela M. Ekern

We are happy to welcome Angela M. Ekern, APRN, FNP-C, General Surgery, to the team at ARC South 1st Specialty & Pediatrics.

Explaining why she chose to become an advance practice nurse, Angela says, "At a young age my sister was hospitalized. Witnessing the role of each member of the healthcare team and the impact they each made on my sister and my family left a lasting impression on my life. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a part of something that met people at their most vulnerable state with a heart of compassion and empathy." She adds, "There is no other profession, in my eyes, that challenges you both academically and emotionally while being equally rewarding and fulfilling. I hope to build and partner relationally alongside my patients to truly meet them where they are at."

Listening to and hearing patients

"My philosophy of caring is simple," says Angela, "Listen to the patient, hear what they are saying." Angela elaborates, saying, "When people feel heard, that's when you can step in and help come up with a solution that works for them to help enhance their life. It's knowing who the patient is and understanding what their goals are in health and wellness and partnering with them to help them achieve their goals."

In her free time, Angela says, "I enjoy being outdoors whether that be paddleboarding on Lady Bird Lake, taking dance classes at Ballet Austin, volunteering to serve refugees and immigrants, or hiking the trails here in Austin or exploring the many state parks as well as spending time with my spunky dog, Bear."

Make an appointment today

Make an appointment with general surgery online or by calling ARC South 1st Specialty & Pediatrics at 512-443-1311.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Angela!

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