ARC pediatrician answers your questions about antibiotic resistance

Pediatrician checking on child with antibiotic resistance

In a recent article in, several pediatricians came together to answer common questions about antibiotic use from parents. Topics in this article range from "what can antibiotics cure?" to "what are some common side effects?"

Antibiotic resistance

ARC Pediatrician Grace Averitt DO tackled the topic of antibiotic resistance. She explains what antibiotic resistance is -- that through repeated use and misuse of antibiotics in the general population, bacteria can change, mutate, and become resistant to a specific medication. "It's scary because it means that someday an antibiotic may stop working," says Dr. Averitt. "We can help prevent antibiotic resistance by taking antibiotics exactly as prescribed, not taking other people's, and taking them only for bacterial illnesses."

If your child is being prescribed antibiotics frequently, Dr. Averitt strongly suggests that you ask why they are needed and discuss this concern with your pediatrician, who can help you find other fixes for the problem. For example, if your child has frequent strep-throat infections, "they may need to be referred to a specialist to evaluate possibly removing their tonsils," she says.

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