• What is a Population Health?

    Population Health is not a building, a house, or a hospital but rather an approach using primary care physicians (family practice, internal medicine, and/or pediatricians) and a team of health care professionals to provide or arrange for all of your health care needs including wellness, prevention, and management of chronic and/or complex conditions.

  • How is a Population Health different than the current way I access medical care?

    The primary care physician (PCP) is your “Care Facilitator,” who will be your primary contact for health care services. The PCP will not restrict access to specialty care but will facilitate and integrate specialty care based on your specific needs. You will still receive the quality care that you previously received. Still, your PCP and your Population Health team will provide more education and place emphasis on wellness, disease management, and health improvement.

  • What are the benefits of Population Health?

    • 24/7 access to your Population Health team: Same-Day appointments, all-night phone nurses, online appointment requests
    • Coordinated care: assistance with referrals to specialists and other health services
    • Proactive care: patient outreach to remind you about needed screenings, immunizations, and chronic care
  • Is the Population Health program voluntary or mandatory?

    Participation in the Population Health initiative is neither voluntary nor mandatory. Your PCP has organized his/her practice protocols to make this program effective in an effort to improve the quality of care you receive while reducing medical costs that you and your employer may incur.

  • Are all PCPs at ARC part of the Population Health program?

    Yes. All of our pediatricians, family medicine doctors, and internal medicine doctors are taking part in the Population Health Program.

  • Is a referral or preauthorization required under the Population Health?

    Please refer to your benefit plan design as to when a referral or preauthorization is required to see a specialist.

  • Can I go to a specialist without going to my Population Health PCP first?

    Please refer to your benefit booklet. If your benefit booklet does not require a referral to a specialist, you can go to a specialist without seeing your PCP first; however, the expectation under the Population Health program is that you will contact your Population Health PCP to assist with your coordination of care prior to seeing the specialist.