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WiFi Acceptable Use Policy

Austin Regional Clinic Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to offer complimentary wireless internet access to our patients, visitors and staff. Your use of this service indicates that you have read and accepted our acceptable use policy below.

This wireless internet access is provided free of charge as a courtesy by Austin Regional Clinic(“ARC”) to patients, patient families and friends, visitors and staff of ARC (“User”).

Users are solely responsible for all User activities undertaken while using this wireless internet access. Users agree not to use this wireless internet access for any illegal, immoral, or offensive purpose. ARC reserves the right to prohibit the use of wireless internet access at any ARC facility at any time if such use (including sounds or visuals) is offensive or disruptive to others, or otherwise interferes with the effective provision of health care services to ARC’s patients.

ARC is not responsible and is not liable for any injuries, damages or other costs incurred by Users that result directly or indirectly from using this wireless internet access. Users understand and acknowledge that the Internet contains information, both written and pictorial, which may be offensive or harmful to Users or to others, and some websites or programs may contain harmful content. Users assume all risks related to use of this wireless internet access.

This wireless internet access may not be secure – transmittal of confidential information, including personal healthcare information, credit card information, bank account information, confidential passwords, or other similar information is done at the User’s own risk. By using ARC’s wireless access, User should know that data accessed while on the internet is in no way encrypted or protected.

ARC reserves the right to track usage of this wireless internet access, and may disclose such information, as may be allowed or required by law, in its sole discretion to third parties.

I understand there is no guarantee that I will be able to connect to the wireless system and ARC cannot provide technical assistance and will not perform troubleshooting on personal laptops, PDAs, or other devices.

Wireless internet access may be terminated at any time without warning.

ARC reserves the right to change this policy without notice.