Thank your ARC doctors today, National Doctors’ Day!

Austin Regional Clinic doctors treating patients

Today is National Doctors' Day and we know you appreciate and support your ARC doctors now more than ever. They've been there for you all through the pandemic, and now is the time to share your gratitude!

If you want to send a thank you to your ARC doctor, please share your thoughts online—TODAY—by googling your physician and posting a review on their Google profile, offering words of thanks, support, and encouragement.

Three easy steps to leave a review:

1. Search your ARC doctor on Google. The doctor's Google ‘business card' will display at the top of your phone or on the right-hand side of the page on your desktop.

2. Click on the Reviews tab on your phone or the Google review link on your desktop.

3. Share the love and post your review!

Show your ARC doctors that you appreciate all they do, TODAY and every day!

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