Scheduling tickets make booking online easy

Scheduling tickets are personal invitations that allow you to book a specific appointment online.

Patients who have used scheduling tickets say it's a convenient way to schedule specialty referrals and services, like a bone density exam. As we expand the use of scheduling tickets to more specialties and services, you may see an email or text inviting you to schedule an appointment.

How it works

When we refer you to a specialist or remind you it's time for a specific appointment, a scheduling ticket will be sent to your email. ARC MyChart users will also receive a notification and see a message on the MyChart homepage.

You can schedule this appointment by:

  • Clicking the Schedule Now link in your email which will re-direct you to the MyChart login screen.
  • Logging in to your MyChart account and clicking the scheduling invitation notification on your homepage.

Either action will navigate you to the Schedule Appointment screen, where you can select your preferred date and time and enter appointment comments. Then, you will verify your appointment information and complete the scheduling process.

Scheduling invitations are first come, first serve.

Save time and book online

This will save you time by letting you skip a phone call and schedule securely at your convenience. We look forward to adding this functionality to even more types of referral appointments and reminders.

This is just one more way we are making connected care more accessible for you.

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