New Weight Management Program to Help Repeat Dieters

15 patients are participating in a new Weight Mangement Program group -- the first of its kind to address repeat dieters.

This program is for patients who enter treatment, lose weight rapidly, learn new skills, see their health improve only to regain the weight after leaving treatment. Otheres enter treatment for weight loss to find they cannot stick with the diet. Usually, these patients know how and what to do si t's not a matter of education.

This new group will address the causes of the weight problem in a differen way, on a deeper level that patients may not have addressed before. The gruop willl address the psychoogical barriers that are hard to pinpoint and understand, but that can stand in the way of successful weight loss and weight management.

The group meets weekly for 90-minute sessions led by Dr. Ray Hawkins, a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of addictive disorders including obesity. Patients are able to diet under the supervision of Dr. Hillary Miller, Medical Director for the Weight Management Program.

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