More options for mammograms in Kyle

Happy female after a breast cancer screening

ARC Center Street in Kyle will begin offering mammogram services in mid-January.

Early detection boosts survival rate

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, but is also one of the most treatable with early detection. In fact, new treatments and early detection have pushed breast cancer's five-year survival rate to over 90%.

Mammograms are recommended for women age 50 and over. Women ages 40-49 or with significant risk factors should discuss earlier screenings with their doctor.

2D and 3D mammograms covered by most insurance plans

Our trained and accredited mammography technologists provide 2D and 3D mammograms, which are covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare for those eligible patients.

Book now for a head start on your health

If you are south, you can book January appointment at ARC Center Street now and be ready for a healthy new year.

You can also book a mammogram during week days, in the evenings, and every Saturday (throughout the year) at ARC Far West and during regular weekday hours at ARC South 1st.

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