ARC welcomes Tammy Chen, APRN, AGNP-BC

Tammy Chen, APRN, AGNP-BC, Family Medicine

We are happy to welcome Tammy Chen, APRN, AGNP-BC, Family Medicine, to the Network team. Tammy is an advanced practice clinician (APC) Network Float working mainly in Medicare Wellness and does not take appointments.

ARC Family Medicine physicians and APCs focus on the diagnosis and treatment of most general illnesses and injuries, providing the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment options available.

"I believe in making my patients feel heard and understood, especially when it comes to emotional and social circumstances," says Tammy.

Sunshine and vitamins to help your immune system

"Don't overdo the Vitamin C (1-2 medium-sized oranges is enough/day)," says Tammy. "Instead, supplement Vitamin C with Vitamin D and Zinc (and get 20 minutes of sun exposure a day). It helps promote bone and nerve health as well as strengthen the immune system."

In her free time, Tammy can be found hiking with her husband and German Shepherd, restoring old furniture in her garage, and going on off-roading excursions.

Make an appointment today

Network float APCs provide the same care that you have come to expect from your ARC APC and see patients at all ARC clinics. Appointments can be made online or by calling your nearest clinic.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Tammy.

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