Remarkable patients, incredible stories

Hear directly from our patients and their families through these inspiring stories of healing. No matter the reason for coming to ARC, our patients and their family members express incredible gratitude for their care.

Cancer was no match for Carla

For Carla, connected care meant that the lump she felt on her breast one night while sleeping would receive attention from all the available resources at ARC as soon as possible.

Carla's Story

Embracing a healthier lifestyle before and after bariatric surgery

A diabetes diagnosis encouraged Cynthia to take steps to improve her health and quality of life. Bariatric surgery, diet, and exercise have improved her health and her future.

Cynthia's Story

Misty's story of weight loss and health gains after bariatric surgery

From a lifetime of unsuccessful dieting to a sustainable, successful outcome, Misty’s story tells of her initial resistance to bariatric surgery to her finally achieving her goals.

Misty's Story

Paul was one call away from a healthier life

Paul's diabetic journey underscores how proactive and personalized care can foster motivation, enabling individuals to lead healthier lives.

Paul's Story

Staying connected to his doctors keeps him connected to his children

From being almost housebound with ulcerative colitis, to getting his health stabilized and his life back on track, John shares his health journey with ARC.

John's Story

ARC provides care from head to toe and everywhere in between

Talya has suffered many, varying injuries playing soccer. She shares how ARC doctors provided comprehensive and connected care through them all.

Talya's Story

A connected care team that collaborates for the best outcome for the family

Marlina and Emily turned to ARC to start their families, who then became a lifelong care team, addressing various needs from fertility concerns to pediatric care.

Marlina & Emily's Story

Diabetic patient’s vision was saved with a simple test at ARC

An eye scan on ARC’s in-clinic IRIS scanner during a regular check-up detected early diabetic retinopathy. Demtrius was able to receive treatment and improve his vision outlook.

Demetrius's Story

How an in-office eye screening saved Stella's sight

Stella got an eye scan on ARC's in-clinic IRIS scanner during a regular check-up and was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. This timely test saved her eye sight.

Stella's Story

Hearing aids allow Carolyn to live a life full of sound and connection

Carolyn shares how she overcame the perceived stigma of using hearing aids and with the help of ARC Audiology immediately improved her quality of life.

Carolyn's Story

Hearing everyday sounds again have enhanced this patient’s enjoyment

From the surprise of hearing a turn signal to catching everyday sounds like the coffee pot's signal, Monty says her new hearing aids have brought a symphony to her life!

Monty's Story

Hear how hearing aids have transformed this patient's world

After putting off getting hearing aids for years, Glen shares how ARC made the decision easy and the transition seamless with their efficient and caring support.

Glen's Story

Connected support aids one couple in their journey to expand their family

From fertility treatments to a thriving family, Asia shares how ARC's seamless teamwork and incredible care made it all possible.

Asia's Story