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Employee Testimonials

I recommend working at Austin Regional Clinic because...

"ARC truly believes in promoting from within the organization. I went from front desk to surgery scheduler to financial counselor to clinic supervisor and now clinic manager. ARC believes in the talent of its employees."

"Yes! Throughout my 10 years working here I have earned 2 undergrad degrees and a master’s degree. The entire time I was encouraged to continue through school and given the flexibility I needed to achieve my academic goals. I also love the flexibility to work during the day."

"It is extremely hard to find a job/start a career at a place where you feel valued. Management makes it a point to show their appreciation for our efforts. They keep us well informed of changes and genuinely abide by an open door policy. There are very few companies who care about their employees and ARC has made me feel right at home."

I feel good about working at Austin Regional Clinic because...

"The opportunities to grow with ARC and personally knowing that my job is important to patients and ARC."

"The flexibility in learning a wide variety of duties, feeling like I can help out in many areas and the flexibility of the job. Lastly, the commitment I feel here makes me want to stay with ARC forever."

"I have a supervisor that has really pushed me to do my best and supports me with everything I do."

I stay with Austin Regional Clinic because...

"The opportunity to engage with patients in a way that is generally meaningful and fulfilling professionally. Feeling like I am making a difference."

"Providing quality patient care and working in a place who have high expectations. I enjoy working with staff who care about their jobs."

"I believe in the job I do. Prevention is a key to good health, especially for elderly. I also appreciate that ARC provides care for so many in the Austin area with numerous ways to access care."

Austin Regional Clinic's values and goals align with my own because...

"All of our success stories: We help patients keep their chronic illnesses controlled, we help with early detection of various cancers which has resulted in several saved lives. Everything we do it takes a village and we are a strong one!"

"I feel everyone is on the same page as far as being here for the benefit of the patient. Our managers are a phone call away if we have a question or concern and I feel very comfortable reaching out to them."

"Doing what's right for patients and the community and not just what's right for the bottom line."

ARC provides remarkable work/life balance through...

"My clinic manager understands that the balance is important and encourages me to make sure I keep a good work/life balance."

"They make sure to give time off for important events and doctor's appointments. They are supportive of our lives outside of ARC and understand that balance is important."

"Working part time and after hours really helps especially with young children at home. It was a little more difficult when I was working full time days."

I love my job because

"My team, including management, make me feel appreciated and help me to work to the best of my abilities. I feel like my team is so hard working that if I don't give my best, I'm letting them down and they don't deserve that. They make me want to do my best."

"Everyone is appreciated. If you strive to be the best at your job in all you do Austin Regional Clinic always recognizes and appreciates your effort. They really create a work environment that makes everyone feel truly valued and appreciated."

"I feel that ARC is truly supportive of work-life balance, which is so important today for employee productivity and longevity - personal and professional."

"I get to have the flexibility with time, and I enjoy getting to be versatile and jump in whenever and wherever I am needed. My managers are very approachable, even during my interview, I already felt the positive and teamwork mindset from them. I like being able to own my responsibilities and manage my time productively."

"I get to be a part of many different families’ in a very intimate and meaningful ways. I love getting to build relationships with my team members and also my patients. I enjoy coming to work every day."

"The sense of ownership and interdependence. Also the commitment to getting better is felt throughout the organization - not only in personal development but also corporate growth."