Well-Check Visit Newsletters

When should you schedule a well-check exam?

Austin Regional Clinic pediatricians and family medicine doctors follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation for routine well-check exams. Please see the recommended schedule below and click on the link to download the well-check visit newsletter for that age or age range.

Recommended visits through infant and pre-school years:

First Week Well-Check Visit
Two-Week Well-Check Visit
Two-Month Well-Check Visit
Four-Month Well-Check Visit
Sixth-Month Well-Check Visit
Nine-Month Well-Check Visit
Twelve-Month Well-Check Visit
Fifteen-Month Well-Check Visit
Eighteen-Month Well-Check Visit
Two-Year Well-Check Visit
Two-and-a-Half Year Well-Check Visit
Three-Year Well-Check Visit
Four-Year Well-Check Visit
Five-Year Well-Check Visit

Annual visits recommended between the ages of 6 and 18 years:

Six to Ten-Year Well-Check Visit
Eleven to Fourteen Year Well-Check Visit
Fifteen to Eighteen Year Well-Check Visit

Spanish Check-ups

1st Week Visit - Visita de la primera semana de vida
2nd Week Visit - Visita de la segunda semana de vida
2-Month Visit - Visita de los 2 meses de vida
4-Month Visit - Visita de los 4 meses de vida
6-Month Visit - Visita de los 6 meses de vida
9-Month Visit - Visita de los 9 meses de vida
12-Month Visit - Visita de los 12 meses de vida 
15-Month Visit - Visita de los 15 meses de vida
18-Month Visit - Visita de los 18 meses de vida
2-Year Visit - Visita de los 2 años de edad
2.5-Year Visit - Visita de los 2.5 años de edad
3-Year Visit - Visita de los 3 años de edad
4-Year Visit - Visita de los 4 años de edad
5-Year Visit - Visita de los 5 años de edad
6-10 Year Visit - Visita de los 6-10 años de edad
11-14 Year Visit - Visita de los 11-14 años de edad
15-18 Year Visit - Visita de los 15 - 18 años de edad