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Updated 09/9/2019

ARC Flu Vaccine Price List

Your health insurance is likely to include coverage for a flu vaccination. Please check with your health plan for their exact coverage arrangements.

If you do not have insurance, or if your insurance does not cover the shot, see the prices below for the administration fees and flu shot prices. The total cost includes the vaccine fee plus the administration fee.*

Vaccine Fees for Uninsured (including administration fees):

  • Vaccine
  • Full Price
  • With 25% Discount*
  • Seasonal Flu QIV P-Free Injection
    6 months and older
  • Full Price:$74
  • With 25% Discount*:$55.50
  • Seasonal Flu QIV Vaccine
    6 months and older
  • Full Price:$72
  • With 25% Discount*:$54.00
  • Seasonal Flu Nasal Vaccine QIV (FluMist)
    2-49 years old
  • Full Price:$81
  • With 25% Discount*:$60.75
  • Flublok QIV (high dose shot)
    50 years and older
  • Full Price:$114
  • With 25% Discount*:$85.50

* Patients without insurance coverage who pay at the time of service receive a 25% discount.

1. Quadrivalent vaccine (QIV): protects against 4 viruses including two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses