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Ob/Gyn Alessandra M. Taylor

ARC is pleased to announce that Alessandra M. Taylor, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology (Ob/Gyn), has joined the team at ARC Center Street in Kyle, TX.

"I chose to be a doctor when I was 14 and witnessed a young girl lose her life in a small village in Brazil because they didn't have enough doctors to care for her," says Dr. Taylor. "It was a very clear moment in which I knew I wanted to have the skills to be able to at least give my best and try to help as many women as possible."

As to why Dr. Taylor chose Ob/Gyn as a specialty, she said, "Women go through a lot throughout their lives and I loved the idea of helping women through each step in their lives, from painful periods to pregnancy, miscarriages and menopause, along with all of the cultural pressures imposed on them. It's an honor to support them in each step."

Understand how your body works

Dr. Taylor says that she is a strong believer in evidence-based medicine and shared-decision making. "My job is to educate my patients, present them with their options and share my expertise," she says, adding, "We can then come together and find the best individualized course of care for them."

"It is crucial for women's success and enjoyment in life to understand how their bodies work," says Dr. Taylor. "So, my health tip is for every woman is to learn about their bodies at their own level, so they work towards being their healthiest and happiest version."

In her free time, Dr. Taylor says, "I love the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with my husband, baby, and dog. I also enjoy exercising, Peloton, and CrossFit."

Make an appointment with Dr. Taylor today

Dr. Taylor is now welcoming new and established patients at ARC Center Street. To make an appointment, call 737-404-0347.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Taylor.

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