Healthiness + Ideal Protein

What is Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is a medically developed four-phase plan for weight loss that incorporates partial meal-replacement plans for people who want to lose 30-40 pounds. The program includes:

  • Nutrition and wellness support
  • Ongoing, customized lifestyle education
  • Personalized guidance by a team of experienced health professionals
  • Session with Registered Dietitian
  • Ongoing medical supervision and chronic disease management
  • Immediate access to myhealthiness hub, community portal
  • Unlimited video visits with Registered Dietitian
  • Regular visits with Health Guides and Health Coaches
  • Referral to counseling services 
  • Dietitian support through transition and maintenance
  • Specified meal and snack products (additional cost)
  • Physician supervision as needed (subject to visit copays)
  • Available for patients 12 years old and up

Ideal Protein Program

  • Phase 1: Ideal Protein meal replacement for breakfast, lunch and snack with dinner of lean protein and select vegetables.
  • Phase 2: Ideal Protein meal replacement for breakfast and snack with lunch and dinner of lean protein and select vegetables.
  • Phase 3: Complex carbohydrates introduced for breakfast with lean protein and select vegetables for lunch and dinner. Ideal Protein product for snack.
  • Phase 4: Balance of protein, complex carbohydrate and leafy green vegetables for all meals and snacks. Ideal Protein products can be used for snack or breakfast.


  • $150 enrollment fee
  • $130/week (average cost) for Ideal Protein meal replacement products
  • $80/month for supplements
  • $75 optional DEXA body scan
  • $75 optional follow-up body scan
  • Additional copay for physician supervision, as needed

What to Expect

  • 30-40 pounds weight loss
  • Weight-loss-related improvements in blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels
  • Increased energy and activity

Get Started

Request an appointment online or by calling 512-483-9595 to learn more about the program and get started.

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