Austin Regional Clinic Physicians constantly tries to improve the care given to you and to all our patients. We are dedicated to offering unique options for our patients to help them reach ideal health goals. Part of this dedication involves making clinical research available. Clinical research makes it possible to discover the benefits, risks, and safety of both commercially-available and investigational medications.

Research standards are very strict to help make studies as safe as possible. Each study we conduct has already been reviewed by teams of government and research experts to minimize any study risks. Austin Regional Clinic has decided to be involved in this research study because we think it can potentially benefit our patients. 

About Study

Sinusitis is the swelling of the nasal sinuses. When the sinuses fill with fluids, that fluid may allow germs to grow and infect surrounding tissues. Symptoms of sinusitis include fever, facial pain, nasal discharge, and fatigue. Almost 29 million people will receive a diagnosis of sinusitis from their healthcare provider in the US each year. Here’s where healthcare providers may run into obstacles.

It can be a challenge to make a proper diagnosis and treatment plan with sinusitis. The most common form of sinusitis is viral, which means it can’t be treated with antibiotics. Even though only 2 to 10 percent of sinusitis cases are caused by bacteria, one study reports antibiotics are prescribed for 83 percent of sinusitis visits. Antibiotics for sinusitis take up 21 percent of all adult antibiotic prescriptions. With the overuse of antibiotics becoming a worldwide medical epidemic, it’s imperative to find better ways of diagnosing common conditions to truly pinpoint if antibiotics are essential.

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis or plan on coming into a healthcare provider’s office with sinusitis symptoms, call our ARC Clinical Research team at 512 225-5931. You can also fill out our Clinical Research interest form online.

What to Expect

We are currently seeking candidates for a paid clinical research study at Austin Regional Clinic Wilson Parke.

  • Current sinusitis diagnosis
  • Otherwise healthy
  • Rapid test vs laboratory confirmation


# Visit's Required: 

  • 1 visit 

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