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Hepatitis C Treatment

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ARC Providers Dr. Donald Brode, Tom Hull, FNP, and Dr. Kimball “Wayne” Bockmon see patients with HIV and HEP C. Dr. Brode and Tom Hull see patients at ARC South and Dr. Bockmon sees patients at ARC Quarry Lake. At both locations you are part of your health care team and we make our health care decisions together. Recent developments in both Hepatitis C and B have provided us with more effective and additional options to treat and clear or control these viruses. 

CareTeams & Schedules

Dr. Donald BrodeTom Hull, FNP and Jodi Broxton, LVN
ARC South 1st Appointment Availability:
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday all day: Dr. Brode
  • Tuesday:  Tom Hull, FNP
ARC Quarry Lake Appointment Availability: 


  • Consultations for newly and previously diagnosed persons
  • Evaluation to determine if treatment is appropriate
  • Treatment and monitoring care during treatment of Hepatitis C and B
  • Annual Physical exam
  • Same-Day Visits; cold, fever, cuts, bruises, cough

Additional Resources*

* Patients with chronic medical conditions have the opportunity to learn a great deal about their conditions from the internet. Austin Regional Clinic does not specifically endorse the websites below and while we expect that the information provided will be very helpful, please remember to check with your own doctor prior to making any significant change in your treatment regimen.