Extensivist Medicine at ARC – coordinated care from a medical team that puts you first.

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Extensivist Medicine

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Extensivist Medicine is a relatively new area of medicine that focuses on high risk patient care. An Extensivist Physician is a primary care physician - either an Internal Medicine or Family Medicine physician, who provides comprehensive and coordinated care to patients with multiple complex medical issues. We refer to our Extensivists as our patient’s quarterback because they help coordinate the patient care across multiple consulting physicians and settings, and whenever appropriate, strive to simplify patient care by delivering comprehensive outpatient primary care.

Our Extensivist medical team is part of the ARC Medical Home Program. They work together with the patient to identify and remove barriers to wellness, keeping the patient healthy and productive.

Your ARC Clinical Team

Anas Daghestani, MD, Howard Marcus, MD, and Robert Stonecipher, MD are the Extensivist physicians at ARC. These board certified physicians are part of the ARC coordinated care health care team, working together with other ARC primary care givers and specialists to collaborate and communicate closely on their patients’ diagnosis and treatment. These physicians work closely with a dedicated group of advance practice nurses, who are also part of the Extensivist Medicine program, to provide patient-centered care.

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