The ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST® Program provides a simple and healthy approach to weight loss, as well as coaching and support to maintain long-term weight loss*. Our program is a meal-replacement program based on scientific research as well as what works and what doesn't work in the real world.


The OPTIFAST® products and costs used with the program are detailed below:

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  • OPTIFAST Powder: $19.00 per box of 7
  • OPTIFAST Ready to Drink (RTD): $3.50 per box
  • OPTIFAST Soup: $3.50 per packet
  • OPTIFAST Bars: $3.50 per bar

Please call ARC Weight Management at 512-231-5130 if you have any questions or would like to make an OPTIFAST® purchase.

*ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 50 pounds with weight-loss related improvements in blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.