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Break vs Sprain – Aired 9/20/2017

Do you know the difference between a break and a sprain?  Dr. Jeffrey Padalecki, ARC Orthopedics talks about the differences, as well as what to expect after you've healed.

The Importance of Rehab – Aired 9/13/2017

Rehab is an important part of the process when recovering from an injury.  Find out the two key components to successful rehab for sports injuries, as well as steps to preventing future similar injuries.

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Importance of Hydration - Aired 9/6/17

What are the symptoms and dangers of dehydration?  Which is better for hydration - water or sports drinks?  Dr. Brandon K. Zinn stopped by this week’s "Under the Lights" to discuss hydration.

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Shoulder Seperations and Dislocations - Aired 8/30/17

Dr. Jeffrey Padalecki stops by this weeks "Under the Lights" to discuss the difference between bone shoulder seperations and dislocations. Learn the difference, treatment, and recovery options for each.

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ACL Injuries: What to Expect - Aired 8/23/17

ACL injuries are one of the most common injuries, but after rehab or surgery, most athletes return to their sport and regain normal strength and range of motion.