The Orthopedic physicians and staff at Austin Regional Clinic provide long-term rehabilitative treatment for a variety of injuries involving the arm. Arm and elbow injuries not only cause pain and limit our functionality, but if left untreated their long term effects can result in needing extensive surgery or eventual loss of use.

Arm and Elbow Conditions Treated:

Arm/Elbow Surgery Services Include:

What are the symptoms of injury?

Symptoms of an arm or elbow injury almost always begin with pain, but can also include swelling, inability to perform normal activities, stiffness in the joints and inability to fully straighten or bend the arm.

Treatments for arm and elbow injuries range from simple non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy, icing, activity modification and immobilization to surgical options which include arthroscopy or osteotomy to remove damaged tissue and bone. How many times a day do we utilize our arms to function? We often perform tasks without even thinking about the structure of our arm and elbow joints that allow those movements to take place. But operating with an arm or elbow injury which severely limits our motion or causes excruciating pain can put a stop to almost any activity.

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