Parents: Your child can help make a difference in the fight against COVID-19

We all want to see our kids get back to school and their daily activities. A clinical trial evaluating a COVID-19 study vaccine has begun enrolling children 12 to 15 years old. Participation in the study by children in our communities is a way to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

Research standards are very strict, which helps ensure risks are minimized. Each study we conduct has already been reviewed by teams of government and research experts to be certain that benefits outweigh any study risks. ARC has decided to be involved in this research study because we think it can potentially benefit our patients.

About the Study

Every modern vaccine was first tested in clinical trials involving hundreds to thousands of people before becoming available to the public. While progress has been made to develop COVID-19 vaccines for adults, currently there are no approved COVID-19 vaccines available for children. Before they can be approved, COVID-19 vaccines need to be studied in a clinical trial that involves children.

In this pediatric COVID-19 study, we will learn if the COVID-19 study vaccine can produce an immune response against COVID-19, and if it is safe, in children 12 to 15 years old. All participants will have the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 study vaccine during their time in the trial.

Participation in clinical trials by children of all backgrounds will make a difference by contributing to the development of vaccines for everyone. Joining a clinical trial is an important and personal decision for you and your family. We hope it is one you and your child will consider.

What to Expect

  • Participants will receive their 2 injections 3 weeks apart
  • Participants will have at least 4 scheduled follow-up visits
  • Participants will track their health and report any potential COVID-19 symptoms

Spots are limited!

Contact our ARC Clinical Research team at 512-225-5931 if you would like more information or click the Request to Participate button below and complete the research inquiry form.

Request to Participate