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Centrally located in Austin, Texas, Austin Regional Clinic offers research opportunities to the greater Austin region.

Clinical Research Current Study Opportunities

Learn about current research opportunities and why volunteering in clinical research is so important. Current Study Opportunities Are you interested in a particular study opportunity? Information about current study opportunities can be found on the page with the condition in question.

For more additional information and how to participate submit the request form online or contact us at 737-247-7240.


  • C-Diffense Study

    • ARC is conducting a vaccine study aimed to prevent clostridium difficile, or C. diff, infections. The study is enrolling people over age 50 who are at high risk of catching C. diff, but have no prior history of C. diff infection.

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  • Discovering New Biomarkers Assays for CRC Detection

    • ARC is looking for patients who are 40 and older and who have scheduled a colonscopy. Patients will provide blood and stool samples. 

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  • C-Diff Vaccine

    • ARC is conducting a vaccine study in Efficacy, Immunogenicity, and Safety Study of Clostridium difficile Toxoid Vaccine in Subjects at Risk for C. difficile Infection

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  • Colonoscopy Study

    • ARC is currently seeking candidates for a paid clinical research study at Austin Regional Clinic Wilson Parke. This study is for adults who are 40 and older that have a colonoscopy scheduled in the next three to eight weeks.

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