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 Establish Care Visit

Choose this option if you are new to ARC, are not sick, and do not need a physical. This visit is considered a new patient visit and is for the purpose of reviewing your current medical conditions as a new patient with a doctor at ARC. Please be aware that your insurance company will bill it as a “New Patient” visit, so there will be a copay due.

Office Visit

Choose this option if you have an ongoing, or chronic condition you have not yet reviewed with a doctor, or if you’d like a second opinion on a diagnosis. Examples would be recurring headaches or pain. This would not include cold, flu or any other sudden symptoms of illness.

Adult Physical

Choose this option if you are seeking a physical, annual, or well woman exam. This exam will cover a health history and physical exam. Please be aware that most insurance companies may not cover immunizations, some lab tests or in-office procedures, or separate health concerns discussed during the visit. Also, some physicians may refer you to an OB/Gyn for the pelvic and pap-smear portion of the annual exam.

Child Well-Check

Choose this option is you are seeking a checkup for your child. A well-check exam is similar to an annual exam for an adult; it focuses on maintaining your child’s health and is a time to discuss preventive care and update any needed vaccines. These exams are available to patients from K-12 at varying time intervals depending on age. For older children this exam includes an evaluation for sports clearance, when needed.

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