New Allergy Patient

If you have not already scheduled an appointment with an ARC Allergist, please call the office listed below of the location/allergist of your choice to make an appointment.

All new Allergy patients should fill out the EMR Allergy Health History Form (English and Spanish).

Please read the following letter from our ARC Allergists. When you are finished, click on the form link that corresponds with the provider you are scheduled to see.

Dear Patient,

Welcome to Allergy/Asthma Department.

In order to save you time at the front desk, we ask that you fill out the appropriate Allergy forms prior to your appointment.

All new Allergy patients should fill out the EMR Allergy Health History Form (English and Spanish).

These questionnaires provide us with basic information regarding your allergy history, an important factor in your allergy evaluation. With the completed appropriate questionnaire in hand, we will be able to spend more time during your initial visit talking with you about the more significant aspects of your history and your major concerns. These questionnaires may be completed and given to the Allergy Department reception desk or mailed or faxed to the office where you will have your appointment (see address and fax information below).

When we have received and reviewed your completed questionnaire, the appointment desk will call you to schedule a consultation that consists of a discussion of your allergy history and a physical examination. This first visit will be a consultation only. Allergy testing, if indicated, will be scheduled for the next visit. There is no need to stop your allergy medications prior to your consultation appointment. If our appointment desk has not contacted you within two (2) working days after you have returned your questionnaire, please call one of our offices at the phone numbers listed above.

If for any reason you need to change your consultation appointment, please give us at least three business days' notice. A last minute change results in loss of valuable time that another patient might have utilized.

Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.


William R. Otto, MD
ARC Far West Medical Tower
6811 Austin Center Blvd., Suite 300
Phone: 512.344.0316
Fax #: 512.344.0320

Juan L. Rodriguez Ramos, MD
ARC South
3816 South First St.
Phone: 512.443.1311
Fax #: 512.448.8203

Kelly H. Simpson, MD
ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza
1401 Medical Parkway Bldg. B. Suite 220
Phone: 512.260.1581
Fax #: 512.528.7921