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Steven's Success Story*

Why did you choose the ARC Weight Management program?

Steven says he always struggled with his weight; it would peak and valley based on how much exercise he did. This time, he needed to get the weight off, return to a regular routine of exercising again, and train for a hike through the largest national High Adventure Base for the Boy Scouts of the America’s: the Philmont Scout Ranch.

Steven and his son’s Boy Scout Troop won the Philmont Scout Ranch lottery to hike through the ranch Cimarron, New Mexico. It’s a two-year process that culminates in a 12-day backpacking trip through nearly 100 miles of terrain that ascend to nearly 12,000 feet.

Steven picked ARC Weight Management to help him lose weight and prepare for the trip with his son.

“Under the guidance of Dr. Hillary Miller and Jennie Pertzborn, the program helped me set realistic goals for my weight loss." says Steven.

After the 16-week program, Steven lost nearly 50 pounds* and began practice hikes with his son and their troop. His son thought it was awesome that Steven was losing weight so he could go on the backpacking trip. As they got closer to the trip, his son began to realize what a big challenge the trip would be.

Less than one year later in July 2015, Steven, his son, and the troop ascended to the top of Mount Philips. At an elevation of 11,700 foot, there was still snow on the ground in the middle of the summer! Steven says, “It was great to feel like I could go the distance easily because of my weight loss and fitness program.”

“I look forward to continuing to be active with my son and his Boy Scout troop. I also look forward to doing more organized runs. Earlier this year I finished my first 10K and my first triathlon.” Steven adds, “I have more energy and I feel better about myself and my long-term health.”

Steven credits the ARC Weight Management OPITFAST® program with helping him lose the weight, return to healthy, and ascend to new heights.

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*ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 50 pounds with weight-loss-related improvements in blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholestorol levels.

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