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What Is A Hospitalist?

If you or a loved one was recently admitted to a hospital, chances are a hospital medicine physician, commonly referred to as a hospitalist, cared for your family.

What are hospitalists?
Hospitalists are Internal Medicine physicians who care for and manage a patient's care while he or she is in the hospital. They serve as a bridge between the hospital team of specialists and the patient’s primary care provider.

Why are they one of the fastest growing medical specialties?
According to the Society of Hospital Medicine, in 2003 there were about 11,000 hospitalists. Today that number is closer to 50,000, a 400% increase in just twelve years.

Why such a sharp rise? Hospitalists are specially trained to care for patients round-the-clock within the hospital environment. Primary care providers rely on this hospital expertise to optimally manage their patients’ health if or when they are hospitalized.

How ARC Uses Hospitalists
The ARC Hospital Medicine Department includes over 100 hospitalists who provide 24-hour coverage in Central Texas hospitals. They manage patients from hospital admission to discharge and update patients’ primary care physicians on their condition and progress.

For the ARC primary care team, having dedicated hospitalists available makes them feel secure that their patients’ are being well taken care during a hospital stay.

“No one wants to spend the night in the hospital, but when it’s medically necessary, our patients deserve dedicated care. That’s simply not possible with a primary care provider alone. Because hospitalists practice exclusively in the hospital, we have the access and special skills to manage patients in that environment.” says Dr. Mauricio Sardan, Co-Chief of ARC Hospital Medicine.

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