Electronic Medical Records

New EMR Features Make Patient Access Easier

New features were added to our Electronic Medical Records (EMR), known as Epic, in July. The upgrades make it quicker and easier for patients and medical staff to access what they need, when they need it—creating a more user-friendly and more accessible EMR tool.

Here are the major updates:

  1. Quicker, easier prescription refills. Patients can now get faster refills because the refill process is now automated in the EMR. The system automatically verifies information like recent office visits or lab work which means a quicker response for clinicians and faster refills for you, our patients.
  2. "Express lane" for common ailments. For common complaints such as a sore throat, this EMR feature allows physicians to more quickly document the patient visit by placing all the information they need on one screen. This means your doctor can move record your visit information faster and spend a bit more face time with you.
  3. MyChart, patient portal improvements and scheduling access.
    1. Cleaner, easier to use. In response to patient feedback, we created easier navigation and behind-the-scenes processes so that you can quickly get the information you need from the patient portal, MyChart.
    2. Follow up visits for attention deficit disorder patients available. We increased your access to making appointments using the patient portal.
    3. More user-friendly printable charting. You asked, and we’ve improved how immunizations records print from the patient portal. It’s now easier to print for patients and parents who need them for school or other activities.

Enhancing our EMR is an ongoing process. We look forward to feedback from patients like you to continue adding new features and improvements to make access to care easier.

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