Hearing: Loss is More Treatable, Aids Less Noticeable

It’s the holiday season, the perfect time to enjoy the chatter of family and friends. If you’re feeling left out, read the stories of how our hearing aid patients reconnected.

  • Monty, knew it was time for a hearing test after years of turning up the volume on her TV. For her, hearing aids were a great fit from the start. "I had absolutely no adjustment period," she says. "I put them in and I have adored what I hear ever since." She is now able to enjoy live music again.

  • "I couldn't hear well in meetings and even face-to-face. " says Glen With his hearing aids he now enjoys conversations with friends even at noisy restaurants, "My hearing aids are set so that if I am in a noisy situation, they can sense that there is one voice in front of me,” he says. "Hearing aids changed my life! I wish I had gotten them years ago."

  • Carolyn worried about the stigma of hearing aids. “People see hearing aids and they think you're old. I didn't feel old!" she explains. With her hearing aids she appreciates the gift of hearing. “I remember being in awe when I heard birds singing in my garden for the first time. To think that I was missing that sound for so long.

  • Mike, a “theater enthusiast,” was in his 50s and in denial about his hearing loss until he finally got tired working so hard to hear. After an adjustment period he soon became comfortable in his hearing aids. "The hearing aids don’t just amplify sounds, they also clarify," Mike explains. "They changed my life."

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