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Coming Soon: 24/7 Telemedicine Service

Whether you wake up with a sore throat or your baby keeps you up at night with a cough, there are times you want immediate advice from a doctor.

Your ARC primary care doctor should be your first choice, so we make it easy with our 24/7 phone nurse and the ability to message your doctor on MyChart. But we know there are times when you want immediate access to a doctor you can trust for your urgent health concerns.

24/7 Access to an ARC Doctor

With you in mind, we will soon offer 24/7 access to ARC doctors via a secure telemedicine portal called eMD Access. With this new telemedicine subscription service, you can instant message or video chat with an ARC physician about your illness or injury 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can do it from home, work, a hotel room, a football field or anywhere you have internet access.

eMD Access is staffed by ARC physicians who can treat common issues like colds, infections, allergies, and minor injuries. They can recommend the best over-the-counter drugs and prescribe medications when needed. They can also expertly refer you to a doctor’s office or an emergency room immediately.

Get Access to Telemedicine

eMD Access will be available this summer to ARC patients; monthly subscription plans start at $9.95. Currently, eMD Access is only available to ARC employees and members of Austin-based health plan, Vista360health.

To learn more about eMD Access and see what patients think about it, click here.

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