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Your Child’s ‘Good Health’ Visit

An important, annual visit to connect, vaccinate, and check your child’s development.

One very important doctor visit for your child occurs when she or he is in good health – the well-check visit. It focuses on maintaining your child’s health and ongoing development, is a time to discuss preventive care, and establish healthy habits as they grow older.

In July and August, we have extended hours for well-checks. These visits are available to patients entering kindergarten through 12th grade in the fall, ages 5 to 18 only.

Your Successful and Healthy Child

The well-check exam allows you and your child’s doctor to focus on the ongoing physical, mental, and emotional development of your child to ensure they are growing and hitting the milestones as expected.

The well-check visit also allows your child to get the vaccines needed to protect her or him from disease, and to enroll in school for the next year.

My goal is to help parents “feel like they have all the right tools and the confidence that they need to take care of their child,” said Dr. Kathryn WheelerARC Cedar Park pediatrician. “I'm here to really help support you make all the right decisions for your kids so that we can help make your child successful and healthy.”

Your Child’s Connection with Their Doctor

If your child is afraid of seeing the doctor, a well-check visit is a good opportunity to connect with the doctor when she or he is not sick. For teens it is a time to further develop their relationship with their doctor as they enter the confusing period of adolescence. We encourage parents to help their teens feel comfortable turning to a trusted medical professional for advice and care.

Dr. Raymond Teohpediatrician at ARC Kyle Plum Creek, tries to make visits fun. He said, “it's a great opportunity to bring out your inner silliness and just kind of have fun around kids, but at the same time, taking good care of them.”

Schedule Your Child’s Well-Check Exam

Dr. Helena Gonzalez, ARC pediatrician, recommends scheduling annual well-check visits “close to your child’s birthday as an easy way to remember.”

Many parents also schedule well-check exams during the summer when their child’s schedule may be easier to manage.

You can book an appointment for your child, as a new or established patient:

Teens are encouraged to make their own appointment. This will help give her or him a sense of independence and ownership over their own health.

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