Working together to create a meaningful impact on your child’s health

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Thu M. “Stephanie” Nguyen DO, Pediatrician, has joined the team at our newest clinic in Kyle, ARC Center Street, opening September 1.

Dr. Nguyen says, “I've been drawn to medicine ever since losing my father to cancer at a young age.” She continues, “Through my training and experiences, I discovered my love and passion for pediatrics.” Dr. Nguyen adds that she particularly enjoys the unique opportunities offered to Pediatricians, saying “I get to advise parents through the adventures of parenthood and guide children through their journey into adulthood. I value the relationships I build with patients and their families.”

When discussing her approach to practicing medicine, Dr. Nguyen says, “My goal is to work together as a team to provide the highest level of care and advocate for your child. I focus on preventive care and evidence-based medicine to treat each child’s individual needs. I believe in providing families the resources and understanding needed to create a meaningful impact in their child’s health and wellness beyond the clinic.”

Set screen time limits early

Dr. Nguyen says that her health tip that she gives to all parents concerns screen time for children. She says, “Try to discourage any screen time in children younger than two years old (video chats are an exception!) This will be an ongoing challenge so establish household rules early and revisit them as your kids grow up.”

This Houston native says she enjoys many central Texas locales. “I have several favorite central Texas spots! Hiking along the Greenbelt to Sculpture Falls, Red Bud Isle, Zilker Park, and visiting UT campus are a few of them. There can also never be enough taco or BBQ places to try!”

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen at ARC Center Street, call 737-404-0347 or make an appointment online.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic. Dr. Nguyen!

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