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Why is Our Patient Portal Successful? We Listened to Our Patients

Build it and they will come.

That may have worked in a Hollywood movie but when it comes to patient portals, building it doesn’t mean patients are using it. A recent survey shows 90% of healthcare organizations offer patient portals, yet just 30% of patients actively use those portals.

ARC is among U.S. leading healthcare providers to build a portal that patients use! Today, 57% of our 500,000 patients use our patient portal called ARC MyChart to book an appointment, check a lab test, email a doctor and more.

Why is ARC MyChart successful? We were recently asked that question and presented our “secrets” at a healthcare conference. Heidi Shalev, ARC Director of Marketing and Customer Service, detailed our work in the latest ARC Leadership Blog. Here are our 4 reasons our MyChart resonates with patients:

  1. We listened to patients when we built it. We wanted to create an online portal with features that were most useful to the people it serves…and so we asked patients what they wanted.
  2. Adding online scheduling was a priority and is the cornerstone of our patient portal. We knew patients wanted to book appointments without having to pick up the phone. Today, 21% of appointments are scheduled online by MyChart active patients.
  3. And we added many many other features… ask your provider questions, view test results, review medications, view upcoming and past visits, access health summaries, download copies, view billing statements, pay an invoice, and more.
  4. We remind you about ARC MyChart a lot. Patients don’t know what they are missing unless we let them know about all the features available to them via MyChart. We post reminders in the waiting room, in the exam room, via newsletters and social media. LOTS of communication has worked!

ARC MyChart is a portal our patients wanted. By focusing on the patient, we also built a portal that increases patient access, enhances patient engagement, and decreases clinical workload so our staff can focus on patients who need the most help. 

Not yet on MyChart? Check it out today. See what you’re missing.

If you have questions about opening an ARC MyChart account:

  • Call 512-ARC-HELP (512-272-4357), Mon–Fri, 8am-5pm, or
  • Email patientsupport@austinregionalclinic.com.

ARC recently presented these lessons learned and best practices at the Medical Group Management Association Operations Conference, sharing ideas for improving the patient experience with other health care professionals.

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