When to Test for COVID-19

This week, Dr. Jay R. Zdunek, Chief Medical Officer at ARC, addressed an issue that is concerning to all-- when to test for COVID-19. Dr. Zdunek explained, in this ARC Healthcare Minute, “The decision to test for COVID-19 is made by your doctor, consistent with current guidelines and dependent on health risks.”

Dr. Zdunek says, “It often will not change the treatment plan, and it may be best to remain at home and treat your symptoms.” He continues, “Testing more often relieves our anxiety, but there are not enough test supplies at this time to test everyone with symptoms.”

“If you think you might have the coronavirus, call your doctor’s office for advice on self-care and in-home treatment,” he adds. To make an appointment at an Austin Regional Clinic, you can do so online or by calling the clinic closest to you.

Please note that telemedicine visits are now available at ARC Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. When you book your appointment online or over the phone, simply let us know your reason for the visit and your preference for a video or phone visit. We will book an initial telemedicine visit evaluation. Your doctor will decide if you need to come in the clinic after your evaluation. For a video visit, you must have or create a MyChart account AND download the app. Video visits and phone visits are charged exactly like an office visit.

For more up-to-date information on COVID-19, visit our COVID-19 FAQ page. If you have a question that’s not covered on the FAQ page, try the ARC COVID-19 Information and Advice Hotline is open 24/7 at 866-453-4525.

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