Validating Your Concerns to Achieve Better Health

“I want [patients] to feel like their concerns are valid, see beyond the problems to who the person is, who they are to their friends and their family,” said Dr. Sean ChamberlainFamily Medicine physician. Watch his video to learn more about how he addresses your fears to help you achieve better health at ARC Dripping Springs.

Shifting Away From Fear

“My approach to practicing medicine is making sure people feel like they've been heard,” Dr. Chamberlain said. “One of the most important parts of medicine is communication.”

When understanding is established with a patient, there’s a shift away from fear toward ease.

“The most satisfying feeling is when a person has that aha moment, that feeling of overwhelming relief, out of their fear and into their feeling of, hey, it's going to be okay,” Dr. Chamberlain said.

The First Step to Healing

“Providing information as to why the body is doing what it's doing is the first step in the healing process,” Dr. Chamberlain said. “We have to hold on to the most important aspect of healing, which is the human connection.”

As a doctor of osteopathic medicine, or DO, Dr. Chamberlain takes a whole-person approach by listening to patients and getting an understanding of their lifestyle and environment.

He then educates patients “about diet, lifestyle, sleep, and stress management before we jump to major medications or more complicated interventions.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Sean Chamberlain's video biography to learn more about how he moves patients like you from fear into ease. You can also make an appointment online or call 512-829-9118 to see him at ARC Dripping Springs.

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