Hearing Aids Tips

Top 5 Hearing Aids Tips

If you have trouble hearing in restaurants or other social settings with background noise, you’re not alone. Hearing loss affects 35 million Americans. Luckily, hearing loss is treatable with the help of amplification devices like hearing aids. We’ve put together the Top 5 Hearing Aids Tips to help you improve your communication with the world around you, and ultimately, boost your quality of life.

1. Decide to Change Your Life, For the Better

If you have thought about getting help for your hearing for several years, you’re not alone. On average, people wait seven years from the time they know they have hearing loss to getting a hearing aid. However, once you take the step to get help, it will change your life.

"Hearing aids changed my life,” Mike M. said. With hearing aids he was able to go to theater productions again, a pastime he thought would never be possible.

2. Get Expert Help From an Audiologist

Now that you’ve decided to take action, it’s time to choose an ARC audiologist. Our audiologists are board certified and have the experience and expertise to address your hearing loss and find a solution that suits you best. We’ll provide you with a hearing evaluation and customize your hearing aids for both lifestyle and budget.

3. Do The Things You Once Loved

An audiologist will identify the social situations that you love and help get you back to them so that you can participate once again. This is often done by identifying what you now avoid doing because of your hearing loss.

For example, Wayne K. often avoided using the phone because he could not hear others clearly and it was difficult to communicate. Dr. Angel De La Cruz suggested a device that turned Wayne’s hearing aids into a personal wireless headset. The device improved Wayne’s phone experience with friends and family.

4. Get the Hearing Aids You'll Use

Hearing aids are smaller than ever before with improved technology to improve your hearing. There are various manufacturers offering state-of-the-art technology for all types of hearing aids.

Find a hearing aid that offers the technology that fits your life and budget. Our audiologists will work with your insurance plan or help you create a payment plan.

5. Keep Up with Your Adjustments

With new hearing aids, you will need an adjustment period to get used to sounds you have not heard in a while. It's also recommended to follow up annually, often additional optimization is needed. ARC audiologists are here for the long haul - evaluating your hearing loss, fitting your hearing aids, following up to make adjustments, answering questions via MyChart, and providing the ongoing care you need.

ARC offers a 30-day trial period with hearing aid purchases that includes unlimited visits. We provide you with the guidance and time you need to adjust to your new technology, maintain your reclaimed hearing, and continue improving your quality of life.

Hearing Loss Is Treatable

Regardless of the origin, hearing loss is treatable. Although many wait several years before getting help, you can return to the activities you once loved by addressing your hearing loss today.

At Austin Regional Clinic audiology we've been changing lives for over 20 years by helping people just like you regain their hearing. Make an appointment with an audiologist for diagnosis and treatment.


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