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Tips to Getting Care If You’re Sick During the Holidays

As we plan for the holidays, one thing to add to your list is how and where to find a doctor if you get sick on a day most clinics are closed. These tips will also work if a friend or family member is sick - ARC After Hours Clinics are open to the whole community. We’re here to help you get the care you need, when you need it, so you can enjoy the holidays.

Assess The Symptoms

When you’re sick, sometimes you’re not sure when you need to see a doctor. If it’s an emergency situation like a heart attack or stroke symptoms, call 911.

For other cases like flu symptoms, accidents and falls, stomach issues, minor cuts and burns, rashes, or sprains and strains, you can call the 24-hour ARC phone nurse (call any clinic and press “4”) or make an appointment at an ARC After Hours Clinic.

Find an ARC After Hours Location

If you’re sick on the holidays and need a doctor immediately, you can call any clinic any time and press “1” for an appointment. Our schedulers will book you into the nearest After Hours Clinic and tell you how to get there. You can also book directly on ARC MyChart and use any map app to direct you to the location. With five ARC After Hours Clinics, there is always one close to your holiday activity.

Make an Appointment

Two ways to book your After Hours appointment immediately:

  • By Phone: Call any clinic and press “1” for an appointment.
  • Online: Go to MyChartARC.com and choose Visits>Schedule an Appointment>Illness & Injury, Nights & Weekends.

Get Care You Trust

When you go to an ARC After Hours Clinic you will see an ARC physician, both Pediatricians and Family Medicine doctors staff our clinics. Your visit will be recorded in our centralized medical records so you can follow up with your regular doctor easily.

This holds true for your friends and family members who are visiting from out of town – we’ll give them the same great care from the same ARC doctors you trust. And we’ll send their visit notes to their regular doctor back at home.

Save Money

With on-site doctors, x-ray, and lab in all of our After Hours Clinics, you can often avoid a costly ER visit. Even with the $30 convenience fee, ARC After Hours can save you up to 90% compared to an ER visit. And you get to see an ARC doctor who has access to your medical history.

For your out of town friends and family, we accept over 50 different health insurance plans as well as self-pay. And they will have access to their visit information from afar when they sign up for an ARC MyChart account.

We’re Here for You 24/7

During the holidays, or any day time, evening or weekend, you can book an appointment 24/7 by phone, ARC MyChart or at ARCappointments.com.

To reach our phone nurses 24/7 call your clinic and press "4." Our experienced nurses can recommend treatment, book an appointment, or refer you to a specialist.

With access to care you trust, anytime you need it, we hope you have a great holiday season. If anything unexpected happens, you know where to find us.

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